WELCOME to Quay Fisheries, the exciting new website for your local fishing fleet that will bring you all the up-dates, news and information about the Sovereign Harbour fishermen and Fishermen’s Quay.

This new website will grow quickly in three stages:This first stage is to bring you information about us and to let you know that we are now live online and to ask you to sign-up for our Newsletters and Up-dates etc so that we can keep you up-to-date with information on when our new e-commerce online shop (stage 2 and 3) will become available to you.
Stage two will see the start our online e-commerce offering to all our local customers and will feature a range of quality Fish Boxes and Fresh Shellfish etc. These will be available to purchase online with a Click and Collect service.

Stage three will feature the launch of a stunning new online fresh fish shop and you will be able to browse, select and buy from our wide range of fresh local fish, lobster, picked crab, shellfish and our range of locally sourced food and drink produce.

All of the fishermen at the new Fishermen’s Quay are excited and proud to be involved with this new project and we are pleased to be able to offer the local community a quality new fresh fish service.

Please sign up for more information by simply adding your email in the box below and clicking subscribe.

Many thanks and we all look forward to meeting you all soon – in person AND online