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About The Fishermen’s CIC

Eastbourne Fishermen’s under 10 Community Interest Company was set up in 2013 by the local fishing fleet to acquire and develop the land where we currently moor and land our catch. We agreed lease terms with Premier Marina, to enable us to build Fishermen’s Quay. This new quay area will be a vibrant, multi-purpose destination that combines a sustainable local fishing industry with a heritage visitor destination, providing an economic boost to a key priority area in East Sussex.

Providing processing infrastructure for our fish and shellfish, as well as ways to add value to our catch, is essential to maintain or grow our fleet by enabling us to capture value through processing ‘in-house’ and to help us to become ‘price makers’, in local supply chains. We successfully raised the funding needed to complete Phase 1 through grants, loans and private capital and we have recently secured funding for phases 2 and 3 (including the visitor center etc). This has been done in partnership and with the support of the New Economics Foundation (NEF), Local Authorities (Eastbourne Borough Council and East Sussex County Council) as well as the Seafarers Charity and importantly the Local Enterprise partnership (SELEP) – we are eternally grateful for this support, without which this project would not have happened.

Thank-you: Graham Doswell, CIC Director and local skipper.

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More Information about Fishermen’s Quay

Building 1 includes our new retail fish shop, processing unit, fridges and freezers as well as our office space and smokery. The new building also has parking and disabled parking for customers to our retail shop. We are extremely proud of this first building as it now links our fishery directly to the public.

Building 2 will house the workshops as well as large storage areas on part of the ground and first floor This will include both fishing and landing equipment and will enable the fleet to safely store fishing gear and also allow the maintenance of gear and equipment in a more controlled environment.

Within the same building, which will be completed in early 2022, there will be a heritage and visitor centre on the ground floor, which will allow the fleet to actively engage with the local community, visitors and tourists as well as offering a training space and a meeting venue. The new meeting area of the building will be fundamental in hosting community groups (e.g. schools and local interest groups) and members of the public in order to disseminate information regarding fisheries, heritage, local marine life and protected areas and would recognise the Eastbourne fishermen as a sustainable and responsible fleet at the heart of Sovereign Harbour, while providing opportunities to train and develop skills in situ.

  • The Visitor Centre will include a 32-seat meeting space capable of hosting community and school visits, fishermen’s meetings and training events.
  • The CIC will be able to offer safety and navigational courses, cooking workshops and other revenue generation activity as a result of this new build.
  • The Visitor Centre will be a major tourist attraction, attracting an estimated 9,000 visitors a year to experience this history of fishing and the marine environment.

For more information about any aspect of The CIC and Fishermen’s Quay please send us an email by using the email subscription service below.